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WPI Kima Microfluidic Pump for Continuous Cell Culture

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WPI Kima Microfluidic Pump for Continuous Cell Culture

Delivers present volume of liquid as programmed

World Precision Instruments

The Cellix microfluidic line is complete and flexible, offering a broad range of biochips and accessories, along with three different microfluidic pumps and complete systems.

By operating under continuous blood flow conditions, the Cellix platform simulates the human environment providing researchers with powerful data far beyond that available via static conditions of the petri dish before advancing to costly animal trials. By using the Cellix solution, false leads can be eliminated earlier in the process, increasing the success rate of clinical trials and giving you the competitive edge.

The Kima pump is a microfluidic pump designed to aid cell culture (e.g. endothelial cells) under physiological conditions (shear flow) in various biochips and flow chambers, including Cellix's Vena8 Endothelial+ biochips where it is possible to culture 8 cell monolayers simultaneously over 24–48 hours.

Kima pump is a solenoid pump and so it is not pulse-free. This pump delivers a preset volume of liquid as programmed.

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