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WPI Two- and Four-Syringe Push-Pull Pump

WPI Two- and Four-Syringe Push-Pull Pump

Sturdy, reliable and extremely simple to set up and use

World Precision Instruments

The SP120pZ is an inexpensive two-syringe pump from WPI combines precision and simplicity with outstanding ease of use and durability. Its features include automatic volume control and shutoff, simple menu-driven setup: dispense volume, dispense flow rate, syringe diameter (selected from displayed table), last settings stored in permanent memory, and continuous dispense volume display. A second syringe mount has been added to the basic SP100i, with both syringes activated by a single pusher block for simultaneous infusion and withdrawl.

The SP260pZ from WPI can hold up to four syringes. As two syringes are infusing, two other syringes are withdrawing at the same rate. The SP260pZ is used for single-cycle applications only.

Features include:

  • Knob locks/unlocks drive block for effortless, drag-free adjustment
  • Simple menu-driven setup: syringe diameter (selected from displayed table), dispense volume, dispense flow rate, continuous dispense volume display, present volume control and automatic shutoff
  • Settings can be reviewed or changed during operation
  • Optical encoder stall detection
  • Choice of unit selection
  • Last setting stored in permanent memory
  • Built-in RS-232 interface for computer linking or "daisy chaining" up to 100 pumps
  • TTL interface for footswitch, timer, relay control; outputs for run indicator, valve control
For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

Accepts syringe sizes10µl - 10ml (two)10µl - 60ml (four)
Minimum flow rate0.1µl/hr (10µl syringe)0.001µl/hr
Maximum flow rate125ml/hr (10ml syringe)86ml/hr (60ml syringe)


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