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Lake Shore Coils

Lake Shore Coils


Lake Shore's line of standard and custom fluxmeter sensing coils includes 64mm, 152mm and 300mm in Helmholtz coils and 30cm2 and 100cm2 search coils.

Helmholtz Coils (Field Standards)
Lake Shore offers four Helmholtz coils for field standards: 64mm, 152mm and 300mm in diameter single axis, and the MX-2X-10 double axis coils.


  • Standard field coil (field generation)
  • Field strengths from ~12G to ~ 30G
  • Field accuracy of 0.75%
  • Field uniformity of 0.5%
  • Single axis configuration with 64mm (2.5"), 152mm (6") and 300mm (12") diameter coils

Helmholtz Coils (Magnet Moment Measurement)
Lake Shore offers three Helmholtz coils for fluxmeter moment measurements, 64mm, 152mm and 300mm.


  • Inspection and research of magnets (measure moment)
  • Calibration accuracy of 0.75%
  • Single and 2-axis configurations with 64mm (2.5"), 152mm (6") and 300mm (12") diameter coils
  • Use with Model 480 Fluxmeter only

Search Coils
The 100cm2 field probe is the most common, while the 30cm2 field probe is useful for measurements in narrow gaps or where field gradients dictate the use of a smaller coil diameter.


  • Inspection and research of magnets (narrow gaps or field gradients)
  • Calibration accuracy of 0.25% or 0.35% (model dependent)
  • Offered in 100cm2 and a 30cm2 area-turn configurations
  • Use with Model 480 fluxmeter only


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