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Spectra Gases F5200 Ventilation Scrubber

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Spectra Gases F5200 Ventilation Scrubber

Spectra Gases

Spectra Gases F5200 series ventilation scrubber is designed to scrub the end user's vent gases. The scrubber consists of a special activated carbon adsorber and a fibreglass pre-filter placed just upstream of the adsorber for removal of dirt and dust contaminants. Both the adsorber and pre-filter are enclosed together in steel housing within the scrubber.

The special activated carbon adsorber is manufactured by high-temperature steam activation followed by special chemical impregnation. This enhances the removal of special acidic gas and compound contaminants such as hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, sulphur dioxide, chlorine and hydrogen chloride, that are not strongly adsorbed by other carbons.


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