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Nikon A1R HD Multiphoton Confocal Microscope

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Nikon A1R HD Multiphoton Confocal Microscope

Nikon A1R HD Multiphoton Confocal Microscope

Faster, deeper, sharper multiphoton confocal imaging


Nikon's A1 HD multiphoton confocal microscope is a unique multiphoton imaging system featuring a fast, high resolution galvanometer scanner and an ultra-high speed resonant scanner that is capable of frame rates from 30fps at 512 x 512 pixels to as fast as 420fps in band scan mode. This is especially important in multiphoton microscopy because of the overlap of emission spectra of probes and autofluorescence, which is often unavoidable when using a single laser line.


  • NEW high definition 1K resonant scanner
  • Revolutionary hybrid confocal scan head
  • in vivo High-Speed imaging
  • Deep specimen imaging with high-sensitive non-descanned detectors (NDD) located close to the back aperture of the objective lens. Newly developed ultrasensitive gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP) NDD allows much deeper in vivo imaging of mouse brain over 1.2mm
  • New Dual IR beam option enables simultaneous two-colour multiphoton imaging
  • Auto laser alignment when changing multiphoton excitaiton wavelength
  • Compatible with both upright and inverted microscopes. Provides optimum multiphoton imaging configurations for brain research, other neuroscience applications and in vivo imaging of living specimens

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