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Eppendorf InjectMan NI2 Microinjector

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Eppendorf InjectMan NI2 Microinjector

Unprecedented movement control


  • Maximum stability ensures drift-free work
  • Selection and programming of additional functions (e.g. axial movement, step injection)
  • Connection with Eppendorf PiezoXpert for piezo-assisted penetration over a pre-defined distance
  • PC interface for remote control

The InjectMan 4 is the ideal micromanipulator for all complex applications that require a dynamic movement mode and direct control of the injection process via the joystick button. The axial injection movement (X/Z direction) helps to minimise mechanical stress to the cells upon injection. The high penetration speed makes injection into rigid structures easier than ever. The new user interface with four pre-defined application masks facilitates the individual workflow process (eg, for adherent cell injection, serial microinjection into fish larvae etc).

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