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Wavefront Sensors

The new HASO LIFT wavefront sensors from Imagine Optic combine a high-resolution mode with all the benefits that make Shack-Hartmann one of the most relied-upon technologies in optical metrology. This new series embeds a fully revamped Waveview4, including the absolute tilt measurement SpotTracker technology and numeours other options.


The HASO LIFT 272 is the HR version and features 272x200 phase-points resolution as well as the new SpotTracker technology.


The HASO LIFT 680 combines the highest resolution in Shack-Hartmann technlogy and a very large dynamic range.


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Synchronous Source Measurement System

The new MeasureReady M81-SSM (Synchronous Source and Measure) system from LakeShore provides a confident and straightforward approach for advanced measurement applications. The M81 is designed to eliminate the complexity of multiple function-specific instrumentation setups combining the convenience of DC and AC sourcing with DC and AC measurement, including a lock-in's sensitivity and measurement performance.

This extremely low noise simultaneous source and measure system ensures inherently synchronised measurements from 1 to 3 source channels and from 1 to 3 measure channles per half-rack instrument - while also being highly adaptable for a range of material and device research applications.

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Fixed Wavelength Femtosecond Laser

Coherent Inc introduces Axon 780, the newest wavelegnth in the Axon line of compact, discrete wavelength femtosecond sources.


Axon demonstrates market leading performance and features in the same form factor as other Axon lasers, enabling plug-and-play compatibility between wavelengths at the same competitive price point. Like other Axon lasers at 920nm and 1064nm, it is perfect for 2-Photon imaging applications, especially for label free and clinical pathways. It is also ideal for a variety of other applications in nanofabrication, metrology and terahertz spectroscopy.


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New Upright Microscope

Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of the ECLIPSE Si upright microscope, with intelligent time-saving features, an automatic shut-off mode, and an ergonomic design to reduce physical strain that can result from prolonged microscope use.


Time saving features including a Light Intensity Management function which reduces light intensity adjustment times by 40%

Nikon has developed a new feature called Light Intensity Management (LIM) which automatically records the light intensity level set for each objective. As the user switches between objectives, the previously set intensity for each objective is automatically recalled. The LIM feature can reduce the time spent on manually adjusting the light intensity when switching objectives by ~40%.

In addition to LIM, the ECLIPSE Si features thoughtfully positioned components that are designed to further streamline the workflow. The focus knobs are located on both sides of the microscope for easy access. In addition, the focus knob and the stage handle can be operated with one hand, freeing up the other hand to rotate the nosepiece and replace the specimen slide. As a result, users can more efficiently observe a large number of samples.

Furthermore, users can quickly confirm the magnification and illumination status with the integrated LCD screen at the front of the microscope. Controls are marked with easy-to-understand illustrations for intuitive and efficient operation, enhancing the overall user experience and streamlining their overall workflow.


Ergonomic design reduces physical strain

The ECLIPSE Si is ergonomically designed to allow users to make observations in a natural posture. The low, 135mm stage height minimises hand and arm movements required when changing samples. The tubes, with an inclination angle of 45 degrees, allow users to easily switch between looking through the eyepieces and checking the sample on the stage while maintaining the observation posture.

Switching between magnifications can cause eye strain from sudden changes in light intensity. The LIM feature which automatically recalls optimal light intensity settings for each magnification, prevents these sudden changes and reduces eye strain. In addition, a blue light blocking filter (optional) can be used to further reduce eye irritation.

By reducing physical strain, the ECLIPSE Si can help users stay focused during long hours of observations.


Easily configure for remote image sharing

By configuring the ECLIPSE Si with the Digital Sight 1000 microscope camera (optional), images on the microscope can be projected directly to a monitor for simultaneous observation by multiple people. The ECLIPSE Si can also be configured with the DS-Fi3 microscope camera (optional), which captures high-definition images of samples in their true colors. In addition, when connected to a PC with NIS-Elements L imaging software (optional), images can be shared with other PCs and mobile devices for virtual viewing. With its remote image sharing capabilities, the ECLIPSE Si is an ideal microscope for virtual consultation and teaching.


A variety of observation methods to meet a wide range of application needs

The ECLIPSE Si supports a variety of observation methods including bright-field, phase contrast, dark-field, simple polarizing, and diascopic fluorescence*2. An eco-friendly, high luminescent white LED is used as the illumination light source.


An Online Guide provides quick instructions on how to use the microscope

The “Online Guide” is a web-based operation manual featuring video tutorials and images showing how to use the microscope, including various observation methods and operation tips. The ECLIPSE Si is accompanied with a QR code*3 that can be attached to the microscope body. Users can simply scan the QR code with their mobile phone for quick access to the Online Guide.

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Distributor for UniKLasers

Coherent Scientific are now supplying CW single frequency DPSS lasers manufactured by UniKLasers.


UniKLasers is a leading-edge photonics company specialising in the development and production of CW single frequency DPSS lasers. Their proprietary BRaMMS Technology platform delivers outstanding spectral performance with some of the highest output powers in the market.


Read more about the Duetto 349 UV Series Laser or contact us for further information.

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