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Formed in 1980, Stanford Research Systems Inc (SRS) is a privately held corporation which designs and manufactures high performance test equipment. They are the leader in their field and have produced many firsts over the years; in 1993 the world's first digital signal processing lock in amplifier the SR850 and in 1997 the SR844 the highest frequency lock-in amplifier in the world.


Product Keywords
Stanford CG635 2GHz Low-jitter Clock Generator
High frequency resolution, low jitter, fast transition times
Stanford CG635 2GHz low-jitter clock generator
Stanford CIS Closed Ion Source Gas Analysers
Compact design, gold plated ioniser, versatile
Stanford CIS Closed Ion Source Gas Analysers
Stanford CS580 Voltage-controlled Current Source
Natural companion with sensitive AC instruments such as lock-in amplifiers
Stanford CTC100 Programmable Cryogenic Temperature Controller
Analog and digital I/O's, data logging, numeric and graphical display
Stanford CTC100 cryogenic programmable temperature controller
Stanford DC205 Voltage Source
Precision DC voltage source
Stanford DG535 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator
High accuracy, low jitter and wide delay range
Stanfor DG535 digital delay generator
Stanford DG645 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator
Lower jitter, higher accuracy, faster trigger rates
Stanford DG645 digital delay generator
Stanford DS335 3MHz Function Generator
Based on a direct digital synthesis architecture
Stanford DS335 3MHz function generator
Stanford DS340 15MHz Function Generator
Ideal for a variety of test and measurement applications
Stanford DS340 15MHz function and arbitrary waveform generator
Stanford DS345 30MHz Function Generator
Generates many standard waveforms with excellent frequency resolution
Stanford DS345 30MHz function generator and arbitrary waveform generator
Stanford DS360 Low Distortion Function Generator
Ideal source for audio frequency applications
Stanford DS360 low distortion function generator
Stanford EC301 Potentiostat/Galvanostat
High compliance, research-grade instrument
EC301 stanford srs potentiostat and galvanostat
Stanford FS725 Benchtop Rubidium Frequency Standard
Ideal instrument for calibration and R&D laboratories
Stanford FS725 rubidium frequency standard
Stanford FS730 and FS735 Distribution Amplifier
5MHz and 10MHz broadband and CMOS distribution amplifiers
Stanford FS730 FS735 distribution amplifiers
Stanford FS740 GPS Time and Frequency System
GPS disciplined 10MHz reference
FS740 rubidium frequency standard GPS 10MHz
Stanford FS752 GNSS Time and Frequency Reference
GPS 10MHz frequency reference
Stanford IGC100 Vacuum Gauge Controller
Control your vacuum system from anywhere in the world
Stanford IGC100 vacuum gauge controller Bayard-Alpert Ionisation Gauges Convection-Enhanced Pirani Gauge
Stanford LCR Meter
Inspection, quality control, automated test
Stanford LCD Meter SR715 SR720
Stanford LDC500 Laser Diode Controller
Highly stable, low-noise current sources
Stanford LDC500 LDC501 LDC502 laser diode controller
Stanford MPA160 and MPA161 Student Digital Melting Point System
Fast, safe reliable measurements
Stanford MPA160 MPA161 Digimelt melting point system
Stanford NL100 Nitrogen Laser
Ideal for fluorescence measurements
Stanford NL100 nitrogen laser
Stanford OptiMelt MPA100 Automated Melting Point System
Microprocessor-controlled temperature ramping with built-in digital camera
Stanford OptiMelt MPA11 automated melting point system
Stanford PPM100 Partial Pressure Monitor for RGA
Designed to monitor and control residual gas analysers
Stanford PPM100 Partial Pressure Monitor
Stanford PPR Vacuum Process Monitoring Systems
Shipped completely assembled, calibrated and ready to be installed
Stanford PPR vacuum process monitoring systems
Stanford PRS10 Rubidium Frequency Standard
Low aging rate makes it an excellent timebase for precision frequency measurements
Stanford PRS10 rubidium frequency standard
Stanford PS300 Series High Voltage Power Supply
Rugged, compact, reliable
Stanford PS300 high voltage power supplies
Stanford PTC10 Programmable Temperature Controller
Ideal for measuring temperature, controlling heaters and logging temperature data
Stanford PTC100 temperature controller
Stanford QCM200 Quartz Crystal Microbalance
With built-in frequency counter and resistance meter
Stanford QCM200 quartz crystal microbalance
Stanford QMS High Pressure Gas Analysers
Can continuously sample gas flow rates of several millimetres per minute
Stanford RGA Residual Gas Analyser
Detailed gas analysis of vacuum systems at about half the price of competitive models
Stanford RGA residual gas analyser
Stanford SC10 High Stability Ovenised Oscillator
Features SC-cut crystal for lowest phase noise characteristics
Stanford SC10 10MHz ovenised quartz oscillator
Stanford SG380 RF Signal Generator
Unique, innovative architecture to deliver ultra-high frequency resolution
Stanford SG384 RF signal generator SG380 series SG382 SG386
Stanford SG390 Vector Signal Generators
High performance, affordable RF sources
Stanford SG390 SG392 SG394 SG396
Stanford SIM Series Small Instrumentation Modules
Up to eight instruments share the same mainframe
Stanford SIM small instrumentation modules
Stanford SR1 200kHz Dual-domain Audio Analyser
For the most demanding analog and digital audio applications
Stanford SR1 200kHz dual-domain audio analyser
Stanford SR10, SR11, SR12 Audio Switches
For use in general purpose systems to control almost any number of signals
Stanford SR10 SR11 SR12 audio switchers
Stanford SR200 Boxcar Averagers and Gated Integrators
Modules can be selected to tailor a system for your requirements
Stanford SR200 boxcar averager
Stanford SR2124 200kHz Analog Lock-In Amplifiers
A tour de force in low-noise, high-performance analog instrumentation
Stanford SR124 lock-in amplifier
Stanford SR400 Gated Photon Counter
Complex measurement task can all be performed easily
Stanford SR400 dual channel gated photon counter
Stanford SR445A Quad 350MHz Preamplifier
Ideal instrument for amplifying the outputs of fast photomultiplier tubes and photodiodes
Stanford SR445A preamplifier
Stanford SR470, SR474 Optical Shutter Systems
Designed specifically to minimise vibration on your optical table
Stanford Research Systems SR4790 SR474 laser shutter SR476
Stanford SR540 Optical Chopper
Suitable from simple measurements to dual-beam and intermodulation experiments
Stanford SR540 optical chopper
Stanford SR542 Precision Optical Chopper
Low jitter optical chopper
Stanford SR550 and SR552 Input Voltage Preamplifier
Minimises noise and pickup in the connecting lines
Stanford SR550 SR552 input voltage preamplifiers
Stanford SR554 Transformer Preamplifier
Ideal preamplifier for low-temperature synchronous detection applications
Stanford SR554 preamplifier
Stanford SR560 Low-noise Voltage Preamplifier
Ideal for low-temperature measurements, optical detection and audio engineering
Stanford SR560 low-noise preamplifier
Stanford SR570 Low-noise Current Preamplifier
Ideal for photonic, low temperature and other measurements
Stanford SR570 low noise curent preamplifier
Stanford SR600 Frequency Counter
Ideal for applications including anti-aliasing, audio analysis and frequency-domain signal conditioning
Stanford SR640 SR645 SR650 programmable filters
Stanford SR620 Time Interval and Frequency Counter
Suitable for virtually all of your time and frequency measurements
Stanford SR620 time interval and frequency counter
Stanford SR625 Frequency Counter with Rb Timebase
Suitable for calibrating base stations, transmitters and other communication ssytems
Stanford SR625 frequency counter
Stanford SR630 Thermocouple Monitor
Designed to read, scan, print and log temperatures or voltages
Stanford SR630 thermocouple monitor
Stanford SR770 FFT Analyser
Ideal for acoustics, vibration, noise measurement and general electronic use
Stanford SR760 SR770 FFT spectrum analysers
Stanford SR780 100kHz Dynamic Signal Analyser
High performance and low cost in a full-featured package
Stanford SR780 100kHz dynamic signal analyser
Stanford SR785 100kHz Dynamic Signal Analyser
Ideal for measurements involving servo systems, control systems, acoustics, vibration testing and modal analysis
Stanford SR785 100kHz dynamic signal analyser
Stanford SR830 DSP Lock-in Amplifiers
SR830 simultaneously displays the magnitude and phase of a signal
Stanford SR 830 lock-in amplifier
Stanford SR844 200MHz RF Lock-in Amplifier
Many of the features you come to know and love from SRS DSP lock-in amplifiers
Stanford SR850 100kHz DSP Lock-in Amplifier
Boasts a number of significant performance advantages over traditional lock-in amplifiers
Stanford SR850 digital lock-in amplifier
Stanford SR860 500kHz Lock-in Amplifier
Ideal choice for any synchronous detection applicaton
SR860 500kHz stanford lockin amplifier
Stanford SR865A 4MHz Lock-in Amplifier
Superb performance and outstanding value
Stanford SRS865 lockin amplifier
Stanford UGA and ULT Universal Gas Analysers
Stanford UGA and UGA LT univesal gas analysers