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Webinar : Demystifying Scientific Cameras Part 2

Wednesday 5 August 1am AEST
(The webinar will be available for download after the live event)




In this series of educational webinars, Product Manager Dr Colin Coates will introduce the fundamentals of scientific cameras.

Learning Objectives of Demystifying Science Cameras - The Fundamentals Part 2

  • Learn about different Noise Sources
  • Understand Dynamic Range and Digitisation
  • Understand Field of View and Resolution


Learning Objectives of “The Fundamentals – Part 1: (Presented 29 July, download the recording)

  • Learn about different types of array detectors
  • Understand the basics of Sensitivity and Signal to Noise
  • What is Quantum Efficiency (QE) and how is it optimised?

To learn more about other webinars coming up in this series, click here.


For further information please contact us.

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MeasureReady FastHall Station

Lake Shore has released the new MeasureReady™ FastHall™ Station (HMS-TT-MAN). In addition to the M91 FastHall measurement controller, this fully integrated, high-precision tabletop measurement system includes a Windows® 10 PC, 1T permanent magnet, high-precision sample holder, and all the necessary software and cabling to provide a wide range of Hall measurement capabilities.


The sample and connections are contained in a light-tight Faraday enclosure with fully guarded triax connections, enabling measurement of mobilities down to 0.01 cm2/V s for van der Pauw samples and resistances up to 1GΩ. Plus, the software provides standard sequences, customisable test scripts, charts, and exportable reports. Also available: Gate bias and LN2 sample space options.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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EBSD Analysis Sytem

Clarity is the world's first commercial Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) specific detector based on Direct Detection (DD) technology. This revolutionary approach provides unparalleled pattern quality and sensitivity with no detector read noise and no distortions for optical performance, opening new doors into the evolution of EBSD pattern detection and analysis.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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New Excimer Laser

Coherent announce the release of the LEAP 50A and 60A lasers at 193nm. These are the latest models of the LEAP laser platform, now offering the 193nm wavelength on an industrial level. 193nm has several advantages for micro-machining and applications where the optical penetration depths need to be on the nanometre scale.


With the release of LEAP 50A/60A Coherent now offer lasers that support the transition of advanced DUV laser applications into industrial use.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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sCMOS for Indirect Hard X-Ray Detection

Tomography and in situ transient imaging applications require detectors that can rapidly acquire large datasets with high dynamic range, high spatial resolution and high contrast faster in order to make the best of precious beamtime/source usage.

sCMOS technology addresses these challenges through its ability to offer simultaneously multi-megapixel resolution sensors, fast acquisition rates, low noise floor and high dynamic range.

Andor’s Zyla-HF fibre-coupled sCMOS platform boasts a large 5.5 MP sensor with 6.5µm pixels, a rapid 100fps full frame up to kHz with sub-areas, low readout noise < 2.4e- and a modular fibre-optic coupling for maximum light collection from scintillators.

The Zyla-HF can be upgraded with a range of high resolution and/or high throughput scintillators to optimise detection for various energy ranges, as well as Beryllium windows to filter unwanted low energy radiations.

For further information please contact us or read more.

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