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Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. is a privately held corporation which has been an international leader in the development of innovative measurement and control technologies since 1968. Within the past decade, Lake Shore's staff of physicists, material scientists and engineers have expanded the line of cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation to include instrumentation and systems for studying magnetic properties of materials.


Product Keywords
Lake Shore 121 Programmable DC Current Source
Low noise, highly stable source of current up to 100mA
Lake Shore current source model 121
Lake Shore 211 Temperature Monitor
Easy to use compact instrument
Lake Shore 211 temperature monitor
Lake Shore 218 Temperature Monitor
Most versatile temperature monitor
Lake Shore 218 temperature monitor
Lake Shore 224 Temperature Monitor
Offers 12 sensor channels for maximum monitoring capabilites
lakeshore 224 temperature monitor
Lake Shore 325 Cryogenic Temperature Controller
Lake Shore 325 cryogenic temperature controller
Lake Shore 335 Cryogenic Temperature Controller
More power and control than ever
Lake Shore 335 temperature controller
Lake Shore 336 Cryogenic Temperature Controller
Supports the industry's most advanced line of cryogenic tempereture sensors
Lake Shore 336 cryogenic temperature controller
Lake Shore 350 Cryogenic Temperature Controller
Ideal for use with He-3 systems and other ultra-low temperature refrigeration platforms down to 100mK
Lake Shore 372 AC Resistance Bridge/Temperature Controller
Latest-generation design for ultra-low temperature applications
Lake Shore 372 temperature controller AC resistance bridge
Lake Shore 425 Gaussmeter
Measures both DC and AC fields
Lake Shore 425 gaussmeter
Lake Shore 475 DSP Gaussmeter
Superior performance in DC, RMS and Peak measurement modes
Lake Shore 475 DSP gaussmeter
Lake Shore 480 Fluxmeter
Ideal for manual magnet sorting and testing
Lake Shore 480 fluxmeter
Lake Shore 643 Series Electromagnet Power Supply
Compact, low noise design, ideal for laboratory settings
Lake Shore 643 bipolar magnet power supplies
Lake Shore 648 Series Electromagnet Power Supply
Optimised for powering large 7 or 10 inch research electromagnets
lake shore 648 electromagnet power supply
Lake Shore 8400 Series AC/DC Hall Effect Measurement System
Capable of measuring materials with very low mobility
Lake Shore 8400 Hall Measurement System
Lake Shore 8425 DC Hall System with Cryogenic Probe Station
Non-destructive Hall measurement of wafer-scale materials in a tightly controller cryogenic environment
Lake Shore 8425 hall system
Lake Shore 8600 Series Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
More science, less time
lake shore 8600 vsm vibrating sample magnetometer
Lake Shore Coils
Lake Shore helmholtz coils search field standards magnet moment measurement
Lake Shore CPX Probe Station
Most versatile, high performance cryogenic probe station
Lake Shore CPX field upgradeable cryogenic probe station
Lake Shore CPX-VF Probe Station
Superconducting magnet-based vertical field cryogenic probe station
Lake Shore CPX-VF Superconducting magnet-based vertical field cryogenic probe station
Lake Shore CRX-4K Probe Station (Cryogen-free)
High performance closed cycle refrigerator-based probe station
Lake Shore CRX-4K Cryogen-free 4K closed cycle refrigerator-based cryogenic probe station
Lake Shore CRX-6.5 Probe Station (Cryogen-free)
Affordable general-purpose cryogen-free probe station
Lake Shore CRX-6.5K probe station
Lake Shore CRX-EM-HF Probe Station (Cryogen-free)
Cryogen-free horizontal field electromagnet probe station
Lake Shore CRX-EM-HF cryogen free probe station
Lake Shore CRX-VF Probe Station (Cryogen-free)
Cryogen-free vertical field superconducting magnet probe station
Lake Shore Cryogen-free probe station CRX-VF
Lake Shore CryoComplete Cryogenic Electrical Measurement System
Everything you need to start making temperature-dependent, low-level electrical measurements
Lake Shore Cryogenic Accessories
Complete line of accssories for sensor installation and general-purpose cryogenic use
Lake Shore cryogenic accessories
Lake Shore EM-4V and EM-7V Electromagnets
Exceptional field intensities achieved with cylindrical or tapered pole caps
Lake Shore EM4 EM7 electromagnets
Lake Shore EMPX-H2 Probe Station
Electromagnet-based horizontal field probe station
Lake Shore EMPX-HF Electromagnet-based horizontal field cryogenic probe station
Lake Shore F-Series Teslameters
Precision, convenience and dependability
Lake Shore FWPX Probe Station
Large-size wafer probe station
Lake Shore FWPX 102mm wafer cryogenic probe station
Lake Shore Guarded Insert for PPMS
Seamlessly integrate with a PPMS application
Lake Shore M81-SSM Synchronous Source Measurement System
An Innovative architecture for coordinating low-level measurements from DC to 100kHz
Lake Shore M91 FastHall Controller
A new approach to Hall measurement
Lake Shore MeasureReady 155 Precision Current Voltage Source
DC low noise performance without compromising AC bandwidth
Lake Shore MeasureReady FastHall Station
FastHall measurement capability contained in a complete characterisation platform
Lake Shore PS-100 Tabletop Probe Station
Ideal for laboratories that need a basic cryogenic probe station
lake shore ps-100 tabletop cryogenic probe station
Lake Shore Temperature Sensors, Diodes
Lake Shore Temperature Sensors Diodes silicon gaalas sensors
Lake Shore Temperature Sensors, Negative Temperature Coefficient RTD's
Lake Shore temperature sensors negative temperature coefficient rtd's cernox germanium garbon-glass ruthenium oxide
Lake Shore Temperature Sensors, Other
Lake Shore Temperature Sensors thermocouples capacitance
Lake Shore Temperature Sensors, Positive Temperature Coefficient RTD's
Low magnetic field dependence above 40K
Lake Shore positive temperature coefficient rtd's platinum and rhodium-iron sensors
Lake Shore TTPX Table-Top Probe Station
Table-top cryogenic probe station
Lake Shore TTPX Table-top cryogenic probe station
Probe Station Overview