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SRRF Stream Special Promotion

Unlock powerful super-resolution images from conventional fluorescence microscopes with Andor's SRRF Stream and iXon EMCCD Cameras with this special offer valid until 31 March 2020.


Andor SRRF-Stream is a Real-Time Super-Resolution Microscopy module that is offered as an extension of iXon Life and iXon Ultra EMCCD camera functionality. SRRF-Stream, presents a powerful super-resolution approach that is also widely accessible, being (a) applicable to most existing modern fluorescence microscopes, and (b) compatible with conventional fluorophores, such as fluorescent proteins. There is no requirement for specialised photo-switchable fluorophores as is tpically required for localistion super-resolution approaches. The resolving power of SRRF Stream is excellent, yielding a resolution improvement between 2- and 6- fold for most datasets.


This special offer is for the purchase of a new iXon camera you will receive SRRF Stream at no additonal charge, expiring 31 March 2020. Contact us today.

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Introducing the New Sona sCMOS Camera

The latest model in the Sona back-illuminated sCMOS microscopy camera series has arrived.


The NEW Sona 4.2B-6 provides a superb balance of sensitivity, speed and resolution, making it perfectly suited to many challenging imaging applications. The new model joins the Sona 4.2B011, which offers the largest possible field of view at 32mm.



  • High sensitivity: Up to 95% QE
  • Fast Speeds: Up to 74fps
  • Large Field of View: Up to 32mm
  • Deep Cooled: -45°C cooling
  • Protected: UltravacTM sensor enclosure


Download the datasheet, read more or contact us for further information.

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WPI End of Year Sale Starts Today !

10% discount is available on all WPI catalogue products

WPI provide a wide range of products for electrophysiology, molecular biology, cellular biology, surgical procedures and physiology. For over 50 years they have provided cutting-edge laboratory instruments at cost effective prices.

Contact Tim Watts phone (08) 8150 5289 for further information or read more on our website amplifiers, biosensing, surgical instruments, physiology, pumps and microinjection, stimulators

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DRS Daylight Solutions Webinar

Wednesday 30 October
        Auckland (NZDT) : 12am
        Brisbane (AEST) : 3am
        Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart (AEDT) : 4am
        Adelaide (ACDT) : 3:30am
        Perth (AWST) : 1am

Learn how to reliably quantitate multiple analytes simultaneously with one easy, non-destructive step. A new class of laser-based Mid-IR liquid analysers are enabling real-time, simultaneous quantification of key bioprocess constituents such as glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate and ammonia at low concentration within a complex background medium. The Mid-IR technique provides a higher degree of chemical selectivity over UV-Vis and near-IR techniques and can provide robust quantitation compared to raman based approaches.

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New Ultrafast Laser for Multiphoton Imaging

The unique performance of the new Chameleon Discovery NX laser delivers deep multiphoton microscope images with superb brightness and high contrast, making it especially well-suited for live tissue imaging in neuroscience and other intravital applications.

The Chameleon Discovery NX offers high power levels (up to 3W), and shortest pulses at the sample plane to enable complex two photon microscope configurations. Short pulse duration is key to high brightness/contrast images and is enabled by a group dispersion delay (GDD) pre-compensator with enhanced dynamic range. It avoids unwanted pulse stretching, even in wide field microscope setups using highly refractive objectives, allowing users to minimise unwanted sample heating and maximise image depth.

Chameleon Discovery NX is tunable from 660nm to 1320nm, while simultaneously producing a high-power fixed wavelength output at 1040nm. It is also available with Total Power Control (TPC), enabling built-in high-speed power modulation. Incorporating the latest acousto-optic (AO) technology, this functionality provides high-contrast modulation on both the tunable femotsecond output and the 1040nm output. TPC ensures that the laser's excellent beam quality is delivered directly to the microscope scan head.

For further information please contact us, download the datasheet or watch the video.

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