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Coherent Inc is one of the world's leading suppliers of laser and photonics-based solutions to a broad range of commercial and scientific research customers. They design, manufacture and market lasers, laser-based systems, precision optics and related accessories for a diverse group of customers.


Product Keywords
Coherent HyperRapid NX and NXT Series Picosecond Laser
Maximise throughput and minimise cost-per-part with this high-power picosecond laser
Coherent 9200 Pulse Picker
A stand-alone accessory for selecting pulses from femtosecond or picosecond Ti:Sapphire oscillators
Coherent Inc 9200 PulsePicker
Coherent Acousto-Optic Pulse Picker
High high unwanted pulse extinction thanks to a proprietary extinction structure
Coherent Astrella Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Amplifier
Next generation one-box Ti:Sapphire amplifier combines market-leading performance with industrial reliability
Coherent Astrella Ti:Sapphire amplifier
Coherent AVIA LX Q-switched DPSS Laser
Perform PCB/SIP drilling, cutting, trenching, and de-paneling, plus flex/LCP/LTCC processing
Coherent AVIA NX Diode Pumped Solid State Q-switched Lasers
55 W UV and 65 W green output for better cutting, scribing, and drilling in semiconductor and solar manufacturing
Coherent Axon Fixed Wavelength Femtosecond Lasers
Fixed wavelength, compact ultrafast femtosecond laser oscillators
Coherent Azure NX CW Deep-UV Laser
Next generation high-power CW deep UV laser
Coherent Inc Azure deep-UV CW laser
Coherent BeamMaster USB Knife-Edge Beam Profile
High precision, multiple knife edge scanning laser beam profiler
Coherent Inc BeamMaster USB scanning laser beam profiler
Coherent BioRay and StingRay Diode Laser Modules
Compact lasers with fiber-ready (FR) or elliptical beam output and user-adjustable focus, ideal for particle counting.
coherent inc diode laser bioray
Coherent Broad-Area Single Emitter Diode Lasers
High power, single-mode tapered amplifiers, and use multi-mode single emitters in solid-state laser pumping
Coherent Inc packaged single emitter diode devices
Coherent Chameleon Compact OPO
Wavelength extension for Chameleon Ti:S Lasers
Coherent Chameleon Compact OPO
Wavelength extension for Chameleon Ti:S lasers
Coherent Chameleon Discovery NX
Dual output, widely tunable femtosecond laser
Coherent Chameleon Discovery
Coherent Chameleon Discovery NX
Dual output, widely tunable femtosecond laser
Coherent Chameleon Ultra Modelocked Ti:S Laser
Widely tunable, high power automated femtosecond Ti:S lasers
coherent chameleon ultra Ti:S laser
Coherent Chameleon Ultra Modelocked Ti:S Laser
Widely tunable, hands free, modelocked Ti:S lasers
Chameleon Chameleon Ultra Multi-Photon Microscopy
Coherent Chameleon Vision Modelocked Ti:S Laser
Widely tunable, single box, precompensation, hands free
Coherent Chameleon Vision Multiphoton Laser
Coherent Chameleon Vision Modelocked Ti:S Laser
Widely tunable, single box, precompensation, hands free, modelocked Ti:S laser
Chameleon Vision Multiphoton Laser
Coherent Compass DPSS Lasers
CW green laser with best performance-to-price ratio
Coherent Inc Compass solid state lasers
Coherent COMPex Excimer Laser
The Excimer Laser - Market Leading UV-Technology
Coherent Inc COMPex excimer laser
Coherent Diode Laser Stacks
Vertical and horizontal diode laser stacks
Coherent Inc G-Stack Pulselife diode lasers
Coherent EnergyMax Energy Sensors
Sensors with a unique combination of superior performance and user friendly convenience
Coherent Inc EnergyMax energy laser sensors
Coherent EnergyMax USB or RS232 Sensors
RS-232 or USB communications capabilities facilitate automated operation by a host computer
Coherent Entertainment Genesis Taipan CW Lasers
High power lasers for entertainment applications
Coherent Inc Genesis Taipan OPSL lasers
Coherent Excimer Overview
Coherent ExciStar Compact Excimer Laser
Compact, high-repetition rate excimer laser
Coherent Inc ExciStar XS excimer laser
Coherent Fibre-Coupled Modules
High coupling efficiency and high brightness
Coherent FAP fibre-coupled diode lasers
Coherent FieldMate Laser Power Meter
Take fast, accurate laser power measurement
Coherent Inc FieldMate laser power meter
Coherent FieldMax II Laser Power and Energy Meter
The most popular laser power and energy meter
Coherent Inc FieldMaxII-TOP FieldMaxII-TO FieldMaxII-P laser power energy meter
Coherent FLARE NX Short Pulse, Diode Pumped, Solid State Lasers
Short pulsed, diode pumped, solid state lasers
Coherent Flare nanosecond lasers
Coherent Genesis OPSL CW Laser
High-power continuous wave (CW) lasers cover the UV, visible and invisible spectrum
Coherent Inc Genesis CX MX OPSL
Coherent GeoLasHD Solid Sampling System
Laser ablation of solid samples at 193nm
Coherent Inc GeoLasPro solid sampling system for LA-ICP-MS
Coherent Harmonic Generator
Second-harmonic, third harmonic and fourth harmonic accessory for Mira
Coherent Inc Harmonic Generator Systems HGS
Coherent IndyStar Excimer Laser
Rugged high duty cycle excimer laser
Coherent Inc IndyStar excimer laser
Coherent Innova 300C Ion Laser
The ultimate in small frame ion laser performance with an extremely stable design
Coherent Inc Innova 300C argon krypton ion laser
Coherent Innova 70C Ion Laser
Available in argon, krypton and mixed-gas; output from the UV to the IR
Coherent Inc Innova 70C argon krypton ion laser
Coherent Innova 90C Ion Lasers
High levels of performance, long term reliability and multiple operating configurations
Coherent Inc Innova 90C argon krypton ion laser
Coherent Innova FReD Ion Laser
Unique small and large frame Ion lasers designed to produce CW laser light in the 229nm to 264nm wavelength range
Coherent Inc Innova FReD ion laser frequency doubled
Coherent Innova Sabre Ion Laser
The ultimate in high-power ion laser performance, combined with ease-of-use
Coherent Inc Innova Sabre ion lasers argon krypton
Coherent LabMax Touch Laser Power and Energy Meters
Coherent's new flagship meter product
Coherent LabMax-Pro SSIM Power Meter
High-performance meter which uses a connected PC for instrument control and display
coherent Inc labMax-Pro ssim power meter
Coherent LAMBDA SX High-power Excimer Laser
Industrial UV excimer lasers for the production floor for large-area UV processing
Coherent Inc LAMBDA SX excimer laser
Coherent Laser Power Sensors
Standard laser power sensors
Coherent Inc power sensors
Coherent LaserCam-HR II Laser Beam Profiler
High resolution beam profiling system
Coherent Inc LaserCam-HR II beam profiler
Coherent LaserCheck Handheld Power Meter
Hand held laser power meter with integrated sensor
Coherent Inc LaserCheck hand held power meter
Coherent LEAP Industrial Excimer Laser
High energy, high precision processing
Coherent Inc LEAP industrial excimer laser
Coherent Legend Elite Series Amplifiers
Family of Ti:Sapphire amplifiers that sets the benchmark for stability and performance
Coherent Legend Elite Ti:Sapphire amplifiers
Coherent Levante IR Femtosecond OPO
Femtosecond OPO with automated wavelength tuning
Coherent Levante IR femtosecond OPO
Coherent MATRIX DPSS Laser
Family of diode-pumped, solid-state, Q-switch lasers available in three wavelengths and powers as high as 10W
Coherent Inc MATRIX Q-switched laser
Coherent Mephisto Ultra-narrow Linewidth CW Lasers
Delivering the lowest noise and narrowest linewidths CW lasers are ideal for scientific and instrumentation applications
Coherent Mephisto Ultra-narrow linewidth
Coherent Mira Modelocked Ti:S Oscillator
Widely tunable, femtosecond, picosencond and CW flexible, ultrafast Ti:S lasers
Coherent Inc Mira 900 modelocked Ti:Sapphire laser
Coherent Mira OPO-X Optical Parametric Oscillator
Fully automated IR/Vis OPO for fs and ps Ti:S lasers
Coherent Inc Mira OPO-X optical parametric oscillator
Coherent Monaco 1300 Dedicated Ultrafast Light Source
One-box three-photon imaging laser
Coherent Monaco 1300 Dedicated Ultrafast Light Source
One-box three-photon imaging laser
Coherent Monaco Diode-pumped Femotsecond Laser
Choice of UV, green and IR models tailored to achieve the lowest HAZ
monaco coherent diode pumped femtosecond industrial
Coherent OBIS CellX Laser Beam Combiner
Up to 4 lasers with user-adjustable beam steering and focus
CellX universal light engine, multi-wavelength laser
Coherent OBIS CORE LS Laser Module
Compact low-noise lasers deliver a high-quality beam
Coherent OBIS Galaxy Laser Engine
Up to 8 lasers into a fibre optic. Modular and flexible
Coherent OBIS Galaxy OBIS FP OPSL lasers
Coherent OBIS LG and XT CW Ultraviolet Lasers
Highly compact CW UV lasers
Coherent OBIS LG and XT CW Ultraviolet Lasers
Highly compact CW UV lasers
Coherent OBIS LG solid state laser 355nm
Coherent OBIS Solid State Lasers
Plug-and-play simplicity across the spectrum
Coherent Inc OBIS diode laser systems
Coherent OBIS Solid State Lasers
Plug-and-play simplicity across the spectrum
Coherent Inc OBIS OPSL laser diode
Coherent OPerA Solo Integrated OPA
Fully integrated, computer-controlled femtosecond optical parametric amplifier
Coherent Inc OPerA Solo optical parametric amplifier
Coherent Opera-F and Opera-HP Optical Parametric Amplifier
Optical Parametric Amplifier for Yb Systems
Opera-F Optical Parametric Amplifier Coherent Monaco Opera-HP
Coherent Paladin Quasi-CW UV Lasers
Choose the power level between 2W and 24W of picosecond, quasi CW pulses
Coherent Inc Paladin quasi-CW
Coherent Photodetectors
Non-amplified and amplified photodetectors
Coherent PowerMax Power Sensors
Sensors for every wavelength and power
coherent powermax-pro power sensor
Coherent Pulse Compressors
Compress the broadband pulses from the Chameleon Discovery and Vitara Ti:S oscillators
Coherent Inc pulse compressors CPC SPO-1 SPO-2
Coherent RAPID LX Industrial Picosecond Laser
Choose up to 250uJ single pulse energy at 1064nm, or 50uJ at 355nm
rapid fx industrial fs coherent
Coherent Revolution Frequency Doubled Nd:YLF Laser
Family of high energy, kHz, pulsed green lasers
coherent inc revolution nd:YLF lasers kilohertz
Coherent Rotators and Isolators
High transmission and optimal isolation
Coherent Sapphire FP Fibre-Pigtailed OPSL CW Laser
Fibre-pigtailed lasers covering the wavelength range from deep blue to orange
Coherent Sapphire LP/LPX OPSL CW Laser
CW visible lasers from deep blue to orange
Coherent Inc Sapphire OPSL CW lasers
Coherent Sapphire LP/LPX OPSL CW Laser
Based on OPSL technology, Sapphire lasers feature outstanding reliability and performance
Coherent Inc Sapphire OPSL
Coherent Synchrolock-AP Synchronisation Accessory
Synchronisation accessory for Mira and Vitara-T series Ti:S oscillators
Coherent Inc Synchrolock-AP Synchronisation of two ultrafast lasers
Coherent THz-Raman Spectroscopy System
Turn-key solution for THz-Raman measurement capability
Coherent TOPAS Ultrafast OPA
Computer-controller OPA used to extend the tuning range of amplifiers
Coherent Inc TOPAS computer-controlled optical parametric amplifier (OPA)
Coherent Ultra-Low Noise (ULN) and Visible Laser Modules (VLM)
Ultra low noise over time, temperature and life
Coherent Inc Miniature diode laser modules
Coherent Unmounted Diode Laser Bars (UMB)
Unmounted semiconductor diode laser bars and chips, at wavelengths from 880nm to 1060nm
coherent umb unmounted diode laser bars
Coherent UVblade Laser Optical System
UV System for Laser Lift Off Applications
UVBlade coherent laser lift off
Coherent VarioLas UV System
Affordable tools for high quality UV microprocessing
Coherent Inc VarioLas UV microprocessing
Coherent Verdi CW Laser Family
Legendary high power, low noise, green lasers
Coherent Inc Verdi G series OPSL lasers
Coherent Vitara Automated Ultrashort Ti:S Oscillator
A family of automated, ultrashort pulse Ti:S oscillator for hands-free, reliable operation
Coherent Inc Vitara Ti:S oscillator
Coherent VYPER High-Power Excimer Laser
Multiple beam, very high-power excimer lasers
Coherent Inc VYPER Twin Beam Excimer
Excimer Laser Gas
Rare and excimer laser gas premixes
excimer premix laser gas