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Introducing MicroPoint 4, a powerful tool for photostimulation

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Introducing MicroPoint 4, a powerful tool for photostimulation
06 Oct

Introducing MicroPoint 4, a powerful tool for photostimulation


Date: Friday 20 October 2023

Time: 4am NZDT  |  2am AEDT  |  11pm (Thurs 21st)


The MicroPoint family was first brought to market in the early 2000’s and immediately found favour in the scientific community, where its patented, miniature dye laser was used for optical microsurgery on model organisms like c. elegans, drosophila and zebra fish. With elegantly designed experiments, scientists severed single axons and guide cells to understand regeneration and development. While in single cells, the tiniest fibers were excised to study mitosis (cell division) and DNA damage was induced to characterise DNA repair.


In this webinar, Dr Mark Browne, Microscopy Systems Director at Andor will introduce MicroPoint 4, with all-new smart controller, millisecond beam positioning and new solid state laser options capabilities are significantly enhanced. The fiber spot adapter (FSA), delivers continuous wave (cw) laser for bleaching and photo-activation of fluorescent proteins. And coming soon, is a new ultra-compact YAG laser, we call Pico: with 5 kHz rep rate, 1 ns pulse width and emission at 355 and 532 nm, Pico delivers kW peak-power and is ideal for microsurgery, DNA damage and uncaging.


Mark Browne Director of Microscopy Systems has contributed to many significant developments, managing the spinning disk confocal and photostimulation portfolios. Educated at Edinburgh and Reading Universities, Mark had a successful academic career, primarily at University of Manchester, where he established a research group in optical imaging and image processing. He was co-founder of Kinetic Imaging Limited in 1990, which was acquired in 2004 by Andor. Since the acquisition, he has contributed to R&D and Product Management in microscopy and imaging software.


Learning Objectives

  • Principles of Photostimulation
  • Technology used in MicroPoint 4
  • Applications of pulsed and CW laser photostimulation

If you are not a night owl, register, and you will receive copy of the recorded webinar after the event :)