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NanoWizard ULTRA Speed 3 BioAFM

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NanoWizard ULTRA Speed 3 BioAFM
12 Dec

NanoWizard ULTRA Speed 3 BioAFM

Fast automated imaging and seamless integration with advanced optics


Introducing the new NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed 3 AFM, a powerful addition to the Bruker BioAFM product family. It marks a milestone in speed, automation, and performance.


Advanced automation features and an unprecedented scanning speed of 1,400 lines per second have been combined in one instrument, that can be seamlessly integrated into advanced optical microscopy and super-resolution techniques.


Discover best-in-class automation capabilities:

  • Fully automated set-up, alignment, and re-adjustment of system parameters
  • Single-click, automated cantilever and optical image calibration
  • Automated, high pixel density mapping and imaging
  • New DynAsyst feature for automated scan parameter adjustment
  • Fast, automated scanning of challenging, highly corrugated samples


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