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New High Power Laser Sensor

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New High Power Laser Sensor
26 Mar

New High Power Laser Sensor

Coherent's new PM10K+ is a significant addition to our range of power measurement products, doubling the level of power that can be measured and now covering the full range of Coherent's high-power lasers.


These 10 kW water-cooled laser power sensors feature a 65 mm x 65 mm sensor with the BB+ coating that can handle power densities from 6 kW/cm² (at 1 kW) to 3 kW/cm² (at 10 kW). The sensor can measure up to 10 kW continuously and up to 12 kW on an intermittent basis (< 5 min). You can choose from USB + DB-25 or RS-232 communication options. The DB-25 + USB sensor models are compatible with Coherent’s stand-alone power meters, which can be ordered separately.


There will be significant developments in this product line, both new sensors and accessories during this coming year.


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