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New High-Speed AFM

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New High-Speed AFM
11 Aug

New High-Speed AFM

The new NanoRacer high-speed AFM system from Bruker/JPK offers an unprecedented imaging speed of 50 frames per second, which sets a new milestone in high-speed scanning capabilities to enable true real-time visualisation of dynamic biological processes using atomic force microscopy (AFM). Developed in close collaboration with leading experts in the field, the NanoRacer also delivers atomic resolution and unmatched user friendliness, and it is expected to provide crucial insights into single-molecule behaviour and an in-depth understanding of dynamic processes in biochemistry, molecular biology, and biomedicine.


The NanoRacer system is designed for use with small cantilevers. It can achieve top speeds of 50 frames/sec in fluid, in a 100nm x 100nm scan range, and with 10k pixels. Equipped with photothermal cantilever excitation, a new XYZ flexure scanner architecture, and lowest noise positioning sensors in each axis, the NanoRacer sets a new benchmark for high-end research AFM capabilities. Lowest forces and highest resolution, combined with utmost stability, make it a powerhouse for advanced applications and discoveries on the molecular scale.


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