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Bruker Innova AFM

Bruker Innova AFM

Bruker Innova AFM

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The compact Innova« atomic force microscope (AFM) delivers application flexibility for the most demanding scientific research at a moderate cost. Its unique closed-loop scan linearisation system ensures accurate measurements and noise levels approaching those of open-loop operation. The integrated, high-resolution color optics, open stage, and software experiment selector make setting up each new experiment fast and easy. With its highly customisable feature set, Innova offers the utmost value for high-resolution imaging and a wide range of functionality in physical, life, and material sciences research.

High-Resolution System

  • Utilises an innovative design optimised for lowest closed-loop noise and drift
  • Ensures accurate measurements at all scales and in all dimensions
  • Delivers highest resolution results with great ease

Fast Setup for Every Experiment

  • Provide fastest hardware setup via ergonomic open stage and premounted cantilever option
  • Ensures fast and precise region of interest identification with software-controlled high-NA optics
  • Distills decades of AFM expertise into preconfigured software settings
  • Enables seamless operation from survey to atomic resolution

Powerful Research Flexibility

  • Addresses all advanced measurements with full range of SPM modes
  • Customises research with configurable signal access and physical access to tip-sample junction
  • Offers nano-optics with TERS-enabled AFM-Raman integration

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