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Bruker InSight 3DAFM

Bruker InSight 3DAFM

Bruker InSight 3DAFM

Production-Based 3D Metrology for Critical Dimensions

Bruker NanoSurfaces

InSight 3DAFM is designed specifically to address CD, depth and CMP metrology in a production environment. The system provides the superior accuracy and precision required for non-destructive, high-resolution 3D metrology of critical planar and 3D semiconductor features.

Industry-leading features include a high-precision X-Y stage with proven positioning accuracy, an advanced pattern recognition system with laser auto-focus capability, and automated tip exchange. Proprietary AFM control techniques and probe designs enable utmost precision, lower cost per measurement site and smaller feature measurements.


Achieve lowest CD and depth total measurement uncertainty (TMU)

InSight 3DAFM delivers sub-nanometer uncertainty with no pattern or material bias. Its non-destructive technique is resist compatible. With its combination of features, InSight 3DAFM provides the lowest measurement uncertainty for CD and and sidewall angle (SWA) metrology, enabling unparalleled process control.  



Experience unique, non-destructive, 3D metrology for LER, LWR, and SWA.

The InSight 3DAFM provides both unique 3D metrology (LWR, LER) and the lowest CD and SWA TMU on critical layers, such as shallow trench isolation, gate and FinFET structures.







Harnness production-level reliability and automation

Insight AFP outperformes its competitors by offering 1-2mm/sec profiling speeds, in any direction, not just X. With its new recipe drive, InSight AFP boasts a <2hr die-map capability.  







Ensure fast time to data to decrease development time

With three times the throughput and twice the measurement accuracy and precision over previous automated AFMs, InSight 3DAFM ideally meets the stringent requirements for today's production-based metrology. 


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