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Bruker ForceRobot 400 BioAFM

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Bruker ForceRobot 400 BioAFM

Bruker ForceRobot 400 BioAFM

High-throughput, quantitative single-molecule biomechanics

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Forces play a crucial role in molecular mechanisms, such as recognition, response, and signaling. The ForceRobot® 400 BioAFM incorporates a number of unique force spectroscopy innovations to measure forces at the single-molecule level. It enables the quantification of the mechanical strength of individual molecular bonds and characterisation of the force-dependent properties of molecular interactions and biomolecular complexes.



  • 350,000 force curves per day
  • Fully automated single-molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) capabilities
  • Statistically relevant, standardised datasets requried in biomedical and preclinical research
  • Advanced force curve designs and extensive fitting routines for flexible experiments

Use ForceRobot 400 to study:

  • Protein function at the molecular level
  • Molecular biomechanics and receptor-ligand type bonds
  • Detection and kinetics of novel antibody-antigen complex formations for immunodiagnostics
  • Viscoelastic properties of various materials
  • Maximum adhesion force, mechanisms of individual binding and unbinding events
  • Intramolecular properties of individual mlecules and molecular arrangements
  • Structural changes in macromolecules

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