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WPI Duo 773 Electrometer

WPI Duo 773 Electrometer

WPI Duo 773 Electrometer

2-channel intracellular amplifier for dual and differential studies

World Precision Instruments

For intracellular dual or differential studies, the Duo773 has separate negative capacity controls and built-in active filtering that allows the precise balancing of time constants for artifact-free differential measurement. Comes complete with two probe headstages, 1015? and 1011? probes to monitor signals from ion-specific micro-electrodes as well as KCl-filled electrodes.


  • Two channels for differential or intracellular ISE
  • Integrated DC current generator with external control input
  • Integrated low pass filter
  • Bridge balance circuit to null out electrode voltage drop
  • "Tickler" circuit
  • Integrated test ports for each channel
  • Dual capacitance compensations and output offset controls
  • Comes complete with 2 probe headstages, normally one high impedance and one low impedance

Two gold-plated, epoxy sealed miniature active probes can be positioned directly to the measurement site. Microelectrode holders containing an Ag/AgCl electrochemical half-cells plug directly into the probes. Stray capacitance can be reduced by placing the included driven guard shield over the microelectrode holder at the end of the probe.

A Tickler Circuit assists in cell penetration. The frequency and amplitude of the oscillations may be varied for differences in membrane thickness or cell size. The duration of tickle can be controlled either by using the momentary switch, a foot switch, or by applying a signal to the remote tickler input.

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