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WPI Force Transducer 10g, 25g

WPI Force Transducer 10g, 25g

WPI Force Transducer 10g, 25g

Transforms applied force into proportional voltage

World Precision Instruments

These force transducers are reliable tools for high precision force measurement. Using balanced semiconductor strain gauges they produce linear output voltage vs applied force input with very little deflection. The rigid level force transducer transforms the applied force into a proportional voltage. It is a temperature-compensated full-bridge configuration with four high sensitivity semiconductor strain gauges. They have a broad dynamic measuring range and a very high sensitivity.


The transducer is highly resistant to mechanical damage; its body is machined from aluminium and mounts to a standard ring stand, or with the handle removed, clamp mounts.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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