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Isolated, low-noise bio-amplifier

World Precision Instruments

The ISO-DAM8A is a compact modular standard rack-mountable DC amplifier system. Each channel is electrically isolated from the others and from ground. No current can flow from the input terminals and electrodes, thus, the instrument is intrinsically safe and cannot cause any electrical stimulus or shock to the preparation, in addition the ground loops noise is minimised.

Systems can be purchased with one, two, three or up to eight preamplifier modules or mixed with Bridge8 transducer amplifier modules. The user can then select an appropriate low pass filter setting, gain and offset on the channel amplifier panel. A notch filter has been added to reduce line frequency interference.

An optional headstage preamplifier (10x gain) allows low noise extracellular (DC) recording with Iso-DAM8A and adds greater signal bandwidth than a shielded cable of the same length. The Iso-DAM8A amplifier and headstage configuration is optimally suited for use with WPI's metal microelectrodes and can be easily configured for many applications. Each amplifier channel has a coaxial (BNC) connector located on the rear panel.

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