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WPI TBR4100 Four-channel Free Radical Analyser

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WPI TBR4100 Four-channel Free Radical Analyser

WPI TBR4100 Four-channel Free Radical Analyser

Fast, reliable, real-time detection - and measure redox-reactive species

World Precision Instruments



Real-time detection and measurement of a variety of redox-reactive species is fast and easy using the electrochemical (amperometric) detection principle employed in the new TBR4100. This optically isolated four-channel free radical analyser has ultra low noise and independently operated channels.



  • Real-time detection using electrochemical microsensors
  • Integrated system - includes sensors and start-up-kit
  • Measure up to 4 species in the same preparation
  • Wide dynamic range for detection
  • Current measurement range from 300fA to 10μA (four ranges permits wide dynamic range for detection
  • Wide bandwidth allows recording of fast events
  • Measure nitric oxide from <0.3nM to 10μM
  • Measure hydrogen perioxide <10nM to 100mM
  • Measure hydrogen sulphide
  • Measure glucose
  • Measure oxygen from 0.1% to 100%
  • Isolated architecture allows Lab-Trax interface to simultaneously measure free radical and independent analog data (ie, ECG, BP, etc) data on any channel

For use with WPI's wide range of nitric oxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen sensors, the TBR4100 can measure four diffrent species simultaneously in the same preparation. Simply plug a sensor into any one of the input channels on the front panel and select the current range. Poise voltage can be selected from a range of values tuned for optimal reponse from WPI sensors. An independent output for real-time monitoring of temperature is also included.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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