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WPI Anesthesia Systems

WPI Anesthesia Systems

WPI Anesthesia Systems

Three complete small animal anesthesia systems

World Precision Instruments

The safety of laboratory personnel is of primary importance. So, WPI's anesthesia system offers a choice of three breathing devices, all with a patented valve that mitigates the gas flow to the snugly-fitted nosecone. A highly sensitive valve regulated by the animal's breathing works with the nosecone to ensure non-breathing efficiency and allow safe anesthesia for up to 12 hours.

In addition, an activated charcoal air filter canister at the top of the induction chamber releases safe, filtered, exhaust air back into the room. The EZ-FF9000 even includes a push button oxygen flush to safely eliminate the isofluorane from the induction chamber before you open it.

This is the system of choice for anesthetising small animals. Animals to be anesthetised are placed into the acrylic induction chmaber, and the system delivers a precisely blended mixture of oxygen and isofluorane.

A water-heated cage warmer or warming-plate (ATC-1000) is used to retain the animal body temperature while in the induction chamber. After the initial anesthetising, the animal can be moved to the heated surgical water bed and positioned in the nosecone.

Three Complete Systems:

WPI offers three complete small animal anesthesia systems tailored for your needs:

EZ-FF9000 - The most advanced system is easy to use. The autoflow anesthesia system offers precise, consistent, preset flow rates for each of five outlets with no flow meter required. There are no variables to worry about.

EZ-7000 - With five manual outputs and two flow meters, the classic system is the upgraded version of the original anesthesia system that has been effectively used for more than ten years.

EZ-B800 - The single animal system is designed as an economical alternative when a simple, entry-level system is sufficient.

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