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WPI ATC2000 Animal Temperature Controller

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WPI ATC2000 Animal Temperature Controller

WPI ATC2000 Animal Temperature Controller

Maintain optimal animal temperature during research procedures

World Precision Instruments

  • Animal Temperature Controller with Adaptive mode-auto adjust PID regardless of animal size
  • Plate's internal temperature sensor prevents localised hot spots under animal with maximum temperature stability
  • Compatible with RTD (resistive temperature device) and thermocouple probes
  • Extremely quiet DC heater to facilitate electrophysiological recordings
  • Three temperature sensor inputs
  • Auto shutdown if the plate reaches 45C
  • The resistive temperature device (RTD) probe input can be used to monitor an RTD rectal probe to control the animal temperature or to monitor ambient temperature, induction chamber temperature or any other temperature
  • When using a thermocouple probe, the thermocouple (TC) probe input can be used just like the RTD input (A T type thermocouple must be used)
  • The heater plate also has an internal temperature sensor. The ATC2000 monitors this sensor to prevent localised hot spots under the animal

Operational modes
The controller has three operational modes:

  • Normal mode uses the configured sensor (RTD or TC) or the plate sensor to drive the control loop.
  • Adaptive mode uses the temperature of the heated plate and the temperature of the subject to control. This approach is less prone to overshoot, but somewhat slower the normal mode, depending on the sampling rate used.
  • Shutdown is a fail safe mode used if the plate temperature ever exceeds 45C.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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