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WPI CardioPhys ECG Electrocardiogram Monitoring System

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WPI CardioPhys ECG Electrocardiogram Monitoring System

WPI CardioPhys ECG Electrocardiogram Monitoring System

Accurately measure ECG and other biosignals in laboratory aniamls

World Precision Instruments

The CardioPhysTM ECG system is a highly versatile tool for measuring ECG of a wide range of animals - as small as a zebrafish embryo to animals as large as an alligator. It is a bioamplifier that is designed to ampify the sum of electrical potentials from cardiac muscle, and other extracellular signals. The signal produced from cardiac recordings tracks the depolarisation and repolarisation of the cardiomyocytes as they contract in succession to pump blood through the heart.


  • For each heartbeat, a wave of cardiac muscle contraction pushes blood through the heart
  • Cardiac muscle cells are signaled in succession by an electrical signal that precedes contraction
  • Cells depolarise in a "wave" that causes cells to contract
  • Then the cells repolarise back to normal in succession
  • The signature of the electrical signal as it moves through the heart is measured
  • The ECG is the sum of all depolarisation (and repolarization) events
  • The sum of all electrical activity in the heart is illustrated in an ECG trace
  • Display of the signal is a graphical representation of the signal for contraction (and relaxation)

The CardioPhys ECG unit also includes electronics within the system (both the amplifier and the head stage) that are maximised for low noise recording of very small signals using either glass or metal microeletrodes.

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