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WPI ExiGo Precision Syringe Pump

WPI ExiGo Precision Syringe Pump

WPI ExiGo Precision Syringe Pump

Virtually pulse-free low volume delivery

World Precision Instruments

The Cellix microfluidic line is complete and flexible, offering a broad range of biochips and accessories, along with three different microfluidic pumps and complete systems.


By operating under continuous blood flow conditions, the Cellix platform simulates the human environment providing researchers with powerful data far beyond that available via static conditions of the petri dish before advancing to costly animal trials. By using the Cellix solution, false leads can be eliminated earlier in the process, increasing the success rate of clinical trials and giving you the competitive edge.


ExiGo is a precision syringe pump based on the 5-phase stepper motor drive that has more microsteps per revolution of the lead screw vs. standard syringe pumps on the market. ExiGo has 250,000 microsteps/revolution and even at low rotational speed / low flow rates, it has a very low pulsation and high accuracy. When coupled with the flow sensor and active PID feedback; this results in very fast response times for changing flow rates.


A standard syringe pump typically has a smaller number of microsteps and so usually the only way a standard microfluidic pump can achieve pulse-free flow control is to use small syringes; e.g. 0.5l; 1l; 5l etc. to achieve non-pulsatile stable flow rates in the nanolitre/minute range. By comparison, the ExiGo pump with the flow sensor can use a standard 250mL glass syringe to produce stable non-pulsatile flow rates of 10nL/min, 1ml/min; or a 5mL plastic syringe to produce stable non-pulsatile flow rates of 100nL/min, 20mL/min. ExiGo can be used in conjunction with expandable (flexible) element and fluidic resistance in order to dampen any pulsation occurring during the stepper motor operation. As it employs active feedback, the response time of the pumps still remains fast.


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