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WPI Microinjection Overview

WPI Microinjection Overview

WPI offers a variety of pumps along with special syringes, stereotaxic frames, glass capillaries and needles

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Microinjection processes use either a metal microinjection needles or a glass micropipette to inject small liquid volumes. For example, genetic material may be inserted into a living cell, a drug introduced into an eye or brain, or fluid injected into a muscle. Typically, microinjection is performed under a microscope. A stereotaxic setup may be required.


WPI offers a variety of pumps along with special syringes, stereotaxic frames, glass capillaries and needles. The seven pumps described below are listed in order by the smallest volume they can inject. The setup you choose depends on the size of injection aliquots, the volume to be injected and the size of needle or glass tip chosen.



NanoFil, combined with an RPE or IO kit, is the world's smallest dead volume (2.7μl) injection syringe system. It can be operated by hand or used with the MMP, DMP or UMP3 pumping systems. The RPE and IO kit contains SilFlex tubing that has 2.74μl dead volume. The NanoFil with a needle has a dead volume of the needle which can be as low as 1.5ml. It is excellent for low volume injections and syringe filling when back filling is undesirable.


Pneumatic PicoPumps

PV820 and PV830 pneumatic picopumps were designed to simplify intracellular injection, and provide microinjection in volumes ranging from picolitres to nanolitres. PV820 offers eject and hold pressure, which prevents backfilling of the pipette. In addition, the PV830 also has vacuum pressure which allows you to securely hold a cell with one pipette while you inject it with another.


Nanolitre 2010

The Nanolitre 2010 system is perfect for oocyte injection and applications in the 2.3-69nl range. It offers fast, accurate 2.3nl aliquot injections. It works with glass pipettes and is back filled with oil.



The UMP3 was the first micro syringe pump on the market, and with design improvements, ensures it remains the best choice for stereotaxic brain injection applications. It is a motorised syringe pump that accepts syringes from 0.5μl-1ml. Using a 10μl syringe, the actual minimum volume is 5-25nl.


Manual Microsyringe Pumps

The MMP and DMP systems are manual microsyringe pumps. They used a manual micrometer to eject the fluid. The DMP micrometer has a digital display. Both use glass micropipettes. These are simple, hand operated systems for perfusion or withdraw of fluids.



The new WPI MICRO-ePORE™ pinpoint cell penetrator is a simple and versatile system that can be used for efficient microinjection of a diverse array of compounds and biomolecules into oocytes and pre-implantation stage mammalian embryos. Patent pending Flutter Electrode Technology assists in small, clean, precise membrane penetration without tearing or damaging the membrane.

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