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WPI Microinjectors

WPI Microinjectors

WPI Microinjectors

Designed to simplify microinjection protocols like intracellular injection

World Precision Instruments



WPI Microinjectors use carefully regulated air pressure for injecting cells with fluid. Injected volcumes range from picolitres to nanolitres. The port supplies positive pressure for high-pressure ejection. The presure port maintains a low positive "compensation" pressure to the injecting pipette between injection pulses to prevent fluid uptake through capillary action.


Timing, injection pressue and compensation pressure are adjusted independently using the touch screen interface. Time intervals can range from 2 seconds down to 10 ms or less, depending on the injection pressure setting. The injection pressure interval is triggered by using a foot switch or a computer-controlled TTL pulse.


The WPI Microinjectors are designed to inject very small quantities of fluids, such as drugs, into cells or small organelles. Pressure injection is an especially useful alternative to electroionophoresis, since it does not mandate the use of charged ions. Two different positive pressures may be applied: one for ejection at high pressure and a second, lower pressure to prevent back filling of the pipette by capillary action.


The WPI Microinjectors offer separate regulated compensation (back filling prevention) and ejection pressures with a precision timing circuit that switches from injection pressure to compensation automatically.


Models Available:
MICRO-ePUMP - Microinjector with Integrated Cell Penetrator and Internal Pressure Source
uPump - Microinjector with Internal Pressure Source
PV850 - Microinjector for Use with External Pressure Source


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