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WPI Peri-Star Pro Peristaltic Pump

WPI Peri-Star Pro Peristaltic Pump

WPI Peri-Star Pro Peristaltic Pump

Affordable high performance peristaltic pump

World Precision Instruments


Easy to Use
Large backlit digital LCD provides readouts of rotation direction, flow rate or rotation speed, tubing ID, drive status and remote control mode simultaneously. Water resistant membrane keypad allows easy programming while protecting LCD and controls from fluid entry. Built-in Human Machine Interface (HMI) with screen instructions in plain English steps users through initial setup, calibration and operating procedures. The user-friendly interface reduces the need to frequently check the printed manual for instruction and reference.


  • Display either rotation speed (RPM) or flow rate (mL/min)
  • Wide flow range: 0.01 - 280mL/min
  • Accuracy of flow rate: 0.5% using self calibration function
  • Accuracy of speed: 0.1rpm
  • Large backlit digital LCD
  • Programmable for all tubing sizes between 0.8mm and 6.4mm ID
  • Easy and fast tubing replacement using snap-on cartridges
  • Membrane keypad allows easy programming while protecting controls from fluid entry
  • Actively driven rollers by planetary gears for long lasting tubing life

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

Number of rollers 4 4 8 8
Number of channels 2-4 2-4 4-8 4-8
Fluid flow range 0.9-280ml/min#17 tubing 2.9-290ml/min 0.01-80ml/min
#14 tubing 0.2-18ml/min
#14 tubing 0.2-19ml/min
Tubing range 3.1-6.4mm ID 0.5-2.4mm ID
Rotor speed range 1-100rpm
Electrical 110/220V switchable


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