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WPI UltraMicroPump UMP3 with Controller

WPI UltraMicroPump UMP3 with Controller

WPI UltraMicroPump UMP3 with Controller

Versatile injector uses microsyringes to deliver picolitre volumes

World Precision Instruments


The UltraMicroPump3 (UMP3) is a versatile pump which uses micro syringes to deliver picolitre to millilitre volumes. The pump is optimum for applications that require injections of precise and small amounts of liquid. With its touchscreen controller, UMP3 can displace as little as 0.53μL/step (using 10μL syringe with 60mm scale length).


  • Accepts a wide variety of microinjeciton syringes
  • Manual or automated injections
  • Quiet operation for electrophysiology recordings
  • Mounts directly on micromanipulator or stereotaxic frame
  • Nominal injections down to 1nL
  • Rapid setup with intuitive touchscreen controller
  • Graphic display with SMARTTouchTM screen controller for "intelligent", easy to use interface controlling up to four syringe pumps
  • Splash proof touch screen
  • User configurable mounting bar
  • Dual mode motor drive
  • Compatible with all UMP, UMP2 and UMP3 pumps

The Micro2T SMARTTouchTM controller is feature rich. All operations are controlled through interactive touch screen. It has a graphical indication of the flow and the volume remaining in the syringe. It offers end stop detection that is dependent on the syringe volume. You can control two pumps independently from one controller with its dual display. It also has automatic pump detection and a Pause/Resume feature that allows dosing during infusion/withdrawal. The volume accumulated is displayed on screen, as well as the percentage of volume left in the syringe. The SMARTTouchTM controller is full compatible with all earlier versions of the UltraMicroPump.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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