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WPI A395 Linear Stimulus Isolator

WPI A395 Linear Stimulus Isolator

WPI A395 Linear Stimulus Isolator

Replicates a programmed waveform of any shape or polarity

World Precision Instruments

  • Creates a constant current replica or analog waveforms
  • Amplitude of the output current is voltage controlled
  • Input voltage from -10V to +10V
  • 3 current ranges from 100μA to 10mA
  • Built-in test resistors
  • Digital display shows current being delivered for non-varying currents of adequate duation
  • Output offset adjustment +/-70V compliance range
  • Choose batteries: NiMH with Charger (A395RC), Alkaline (SYS-A395D), NiMH (SYS-A395R)

All WPI stimulus isolators are designed to supply constant current because current threshold (not voltage) is the most quantitatively reproducible parameter for stimulation or nerve and muscle. The A395 from WPI dispenses current reproducibly from its Output terminals; the amplitude being determined by the selected current RANGE and the input voltage. Current amplitude is "constant", that is, load resistance independent, provided that the I x R (load) product does not exceed the available battery supply voltage. As a visual indicator (the compliance LED's) display if I x R reaches this limit. When the unit is out of compliance, one of the two LED's (labeled - and +) illuminate, depending in which direction the current is flowing.

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