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Andor iKon Slow-scan Large CCD Series

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Andor iKon Slow-scan Large CCD Series

Andor iKon Slow-scan Large CCD Series

Pushing detection boundaries from particles to galaxies


The iKon 'slow scan' CCD camera series deliver unique thermoelectric cooling to -100°C for industry-leading low noise performance, highly efficient back-illuminated photon collection across a broad spectral range and exceptional dynamic range. Very large field of view is available from the iKon-XL CCD camera range, ideal for large sky surveys in astronomy. The robust quality, low maintenance, hassle-free design is ideal for usage across many experimental set-ups, including at remote observatories.


  • Large field of view, up to 16.8 Megapixel
  • Market-leading thermoelectric cooling to -100°C
  • Back-illumianted >95% QE
  • Near Infra-Red enhanced response

iKon deep-cooled CCDs are suited primarily to 'slow' low-light imaging applications that typically involve long exposures (from tens of seconds to minutes or even hours) combined with a relatively slow image readout, typified by usage in astronomy or weak luminescence detection. However, a special Fast Kinetics mode can be accessed to obtain bursts of data with microsecond dynamics, ideal for quantum gas absorption experiments. A combination of low noise floor, excellent photon response over a wide optical wavelength range and superb image uniformity guides the usage of iKon CCDs.

For further information please contact us or download the brochures iKon-XL 231, iKon-XL 230, iKon-L

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