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Andor iXon Life EMCCD Camera

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Andor iXon Life EMCCD Camera

Andor iXon Life EMCCD Camera

Exclusively for fluorescence microscopy


With the iXon EMCCD cameras, Andor have delivered a dedicated, truly high-end, yet accessible ultrasensitive scientific camera platform, designed specifically to drive the absolute best from EMCCD technology across all critical performance specs and parameters.



  • Single photon sensitivity
  • Back-illuminated >95% QE
  • Fast frame rates
  • Unique price/performance
  • The ultimate detector for single molecules
  • Preserve accurate cell physiology
  • Now with SRRF-Stream super-resolution

Andor’s new iXon Life EMCCD platform is available exclusively for fluorescence microscopy applications and is engineered to deliver single photon sensitivity with absolutely unparalleled price/performance. Perfect for single molecule detection and live cell microscopy with minimized phototoxicity or photobleaching, but at a price not normally associated with high-performance EMCCD cameras.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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