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Andor iXON Ultra EMCCD Camera Series

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Andor iXON Ultra EMCCD Camera Series

Andor iXON Ultra EMCCD Camera Series

Driving the absolute best from EMCCD Camera Technology


Andor's iXon design ensures the absolute highest sensitivity from a quantitative scientific digital camera, particularly under fast frame rate conditions. The NEW iXon Ultra 888 camera has raised the bar considerably, accelerating frame rates to up to 3x faster, the data stream transmitted through a convenient plug and play USB 3.0 interface.



  • Single photon sensitivity
  • Back-illuminated >95% QE
  • Fast frame rates
  • Unique price/performance
  • The ultimate detector for single molecules
  • Preserve accurate cell physiology

Andor's proven UltraVac vacuum technology, carrying a 7 year warranty, is critical to ensure both deep cooling and complete protection of the sensor. The iXon series are designed to be the most flexible yet easy to use EMCCD camera on the market, optimisable for a wide variety of application requirements in a single click via the new OptAcquire feature. Furthermore, signal can be quantitatively calibrated in units of electrons or photons, either real time or post-processing. Patented, pioneering technology offers automated recalibration of the linear EM gain scale, alongside anti-ageing protection.


Crucially, the iXon EMCCD camera brand carries an outstanding reputation for product quality and reliability, brandishing an unparalleled track record of minimal field failures.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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