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Stanford SR865A 4MHz Lock-in Amplifier

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Stanford SR865A 4MHz Lock-in Amplifier

Stanford SR865A 4MHz Lock-in Amplifier

Superb performance and outstanding value

Stanford Research Systems

The SR865A 4MHz Lock-In Amplifier delivers the performance needed in the most demanding synchronous detection applications. Building on the industry standard SR830, this next-generation lock-in amplifier has several analog enhancements and many new features not found in other instruments. A built-in touchscreen display shows the instantaneous results of your measurement, as well as its complete time history. The instrument is also easy to use - all instrument function have dedicated buttons and knobs.


  • 1mHz to 4MHz frequency range
  • Low noise voltage and current inputs
  • High bandwidth outputs
  • Touchscreen data display - large numeric answers, chart recordings and FFT displays
  • 10MHz timebase input and output
  • Dual reference mode
  • GPIB, RS232, Ethernet and USB
  • HDMI video output

The SR865A has state-of-the-art voltage and current inputs. The voltage input is a single-ended/differential FET preamplifier that has less than 2.5 nV/?Hz input noise at 1kHz, and under 10 nV/?Hz at 10Hz. It has 10M? input impedance and can be AC or DC coupled. The current input offers a choice of 106 or 108 V/A gain, and has up to 40 kHz of bandwidth and as little as 13 fA/?Hz input current noise. The SR865 can operate in either Ground or Float mode.

There are several SRS preamplifiers including the SR550 (FET input), SR552 (BJT input), SR554 (transformer input), SR555 (120 kHz current amp) and SR556 (low noise current amp) which can all be powered directly from the SR865's rear-panel preamp power port. Each preamp is optimised for different experimental conditions, and when used with the SR865, they can often significantly improve your measurements.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

SR865 datasheet Read more on Stanford's website