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Stanford SR124/SR2124 200kHz Analog Lock-In Amplifiers

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Stanford SR124/SR2124 200kHz Analog Lock-In Amplifiers

Stanford SR124/SR2124 200kHz Analog Lock-In Amplifiers

A tour de force in low-noise, high-performance analog instrumentation

Stanford Research Systems

Recognising that one size shouldn't have it all, SRS is proud to introduce the SR124 Single-Phase and SR2124 Dual-Phase (pictured right) Lock-In Amplifiers. Inspired by the best of an earlier generation's lock-ins, but availing itself of today's low-noise components and design methodologies, the SR124 and SR2124 are a tour-de-force in low-noise, high-performance analog instrumentation.



  • Low noise, all analog design
  • No digital interference
  • 0.2Hz to 200kHz measurement range
  • Low noise current and voltage inputs
  • Harmonic detection (f, 2f, or 3f)
  • Selectable input filtering

The SR124/SR2124 design follows two basic themes. First, the signal path is entirely built from low-noise analog electronics: the best JFETs, transistors, op-amps, and discrete components. Second, configuration control is managed by a microcontroller whose system clock only oscillates during the brief moments needed to change gains or filter settings. This "clock-stopping" architecture, first introduced by Stanford in the SR560 voltage preamplifier, eliminates the inconvenience and reliability issues associated with mechanical panel controls, and makes full remote operation of these lock-ins possible.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


     SR124 datasheet                                                                     Read more on Stanford's website