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Lake Shore Temperature Sensors, Diodes

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Lake Shore Temperature Sensors, Diodes


DT-670 Silicon Diodes

DT-670 Series silicon diodes offer better accuracy over a wider temperature range than any previously marketed silicon diodes. Conforming to the Curve DT-670 standard voltage versus temperature response curve, sensors within the DT-670 series are interchangeable, and for many applications do not require individual calibration. DT-670 sensors in the SD package are available in four tolerance bands - three for general cryogenic use across the 1.4K to 500K temperature range, and one that offers superior accuracy for applications from 30K to room temperature. DT-670 sensors also come in a seventh tolerance band, B and E, which are availbale only as bare die. For applications requiring greater accuracy, DR-670-SD diodes are available with calibration across the full 1.4K to 500K temperature range.





GaAlAs Diodes

The TG-120 gallium-aluminium-arsenide (GaAlAs) diode cryogenic temperature sensors are particularly well suited for low to moderate magnetic field applications at low temperatures. The GaAlAs sensing element exhibits high sensitivity (dV/dT) at low temperatures. Voltage-temperature characteristics are monotonic over the sensor's useful range from 1.4K to 500K.

GaAlAs diodes are direct band-gap, single junction devices that product small output variances in the presence of magnetic fields. Consequently, their low magnetic field dependence makes them ideally suited for applications in moderate magnetic fields up to 5T.

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