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Coherent Pulse Compressors

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Coherent Pulse Compressors

Coherent Pulse Compressors

Compress the broadband pulses from the Mira, Mantis, Micra, Chameleon and Vitesse Ti:S oscillators


Pulse compressors are versatile accessories to compress the broadband pulses from the Mira, Mantis, Micra, Chameleon and Vitesse Ti:S oscillators. Adding GVD (Group Velocity Dispersion) they also allow users to precompensate for the dispersion introduced with downstream optics in order to shorten the pulsewidth at the sample. There are two types:


The new CPC (Compact Pulse Compressor) offers a user friendly ultracompact footprint using chirped mirror technology. Featuring both a coarse adjustment and a fine adjustment, CPC allows the dispersion to be set to the optimum for your application. The input and output beam ports are inline and thus enable an effective setup in your experiment.


The SPO-1 and SPO-2 are prism based setups with a footprint that, by design, is larger than that of the CPC.


The SPO-1 is an accessory for the Mira series and shortens the output pulse duration from the Mira to approximately 50fs. It consists of a prism assembly head, a birefringent filter (BRF), and a mirror-based starter galvanometer. The new BRF and starter replace the existing BRF and starter (when required) in the Mira head.


The SPO-2 is a pulse compressor for the Mira family and consists of two prism assembly heads. SPO-2 shortens the pulsewidth from the Micra oscillator to <15fs.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


        CPC datasheet                                                                 Read more on Coherent Inc's website


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