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Stanford LDC500 Laser Diode Controller

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Stanford LDC500 Laser Diode Controller

Stanford LDC500 Laser Diode Controller

Highly stable, low-noise current sources

Stanford Research Systems

The LDC500 series are the ideal instruments for controlling the current and temperature of your laser diodes. They have the performance and features you expect from instruments costing twice as much.


The LDC501 has up 500mA of output current with less than 1µA of rms noise, while the LDC500 has up to 100mA of current and less than 0.3µA of noise. The LDC502 provides up to 2A current. Both constant current and constant power modes are provided. The temperature controller provides 36W output power and is compatible with a wide range of temperature sensors. Overall temperature stability is 0.0005°C/°C.


The instrument includes an intuitive front-panel display and a full suite of computer interfaces including RS232, GPIB and Ethernet.

Laser Diode Controller

  • 100mA, 500mA or 2A source
  • Ultra-low drift (<10ppm/°C)
  • <0.3µA current noise (LDC500)
  • GPIB, RS232 and Ethernet interfaces

TEC Controller

  • 36W output power
  • High stability 0.0005°C/°C
  • Auto-tuning of loop parameters
  • Dynamic switching between CT and CC modes
For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


        LDC Series datasheet                                                               Read more on Stanford's website