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Coherent PowerMax-USB/RS Sensors

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Coherent PowerMax-USB/RS Sensors

Coherent PowerMax-USB/RS Sensors

Plug-and-play USB and RS-232 laser power measurement


Coherent PowerMax-USB sensors provide plug-and-play laser power measurement directly on a PC without the need for additional electronic instrumentation. The measurement circuitry typically found in a standalone meter has been reduced in size to extent that it can now fit inside a USB connector. The circuitry and USB connector have been adapted into a ‘PowerMax-USB’ cable that can be integrated to most Coherent power sensors providing accurate power measurements of all types of CW and pulsed sources from the UV to Far IR.


PowerMax-USB contains a USB2.0 connector, and the PowerMax-RS contains an RS-232 connector.


  • PowerMax-USB provides direct USB2.0 connection to PC, power provided via USB connection
  • PowerMax-RS provides RS-232 connectivity, power input provided via +5VDC input from external power supply or through pin 1 on RS-232 connector
  • Instrumentation platform is compatible with thermopiles and optical sensors and can be adapted to most power sensors that Coherent Inc manufactures
  • Displays beam position with position-sensing quadrant thermopiles (with LM-model sensors like LM-10)
  • High resolution 24-bit A/D converter supports four digits of resolution and measurement accuracy equivalent to that found in Coherent's LabMax meters
  • Spectral compensation is unique to each device for improved accuracy
  • Long-pulse joules capability with thermopile sensors
  • NIST traceable measurements

These new PowerMax sensors will benefit a wide range of users. These include OEM's who want to embed power measurement electronics within their own instrumentation, field service engineers who already carry a laptop computer, and operators of computer controlled laser burn-in racks and long-term reliability test benches. In addition, PowerMax-USB/RS sensors are useful for general laboratory applications in which experimental data acquisition is performed from a central PC.


Download the datasheet or contact us for more information.


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