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Coherent Innova ICE Cooling System

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Coherent Innova ICE Cooling System

Coherent Innova ICE Cooling System

Optimal cooling option for small frame ion lasers


Innova ICE (Integrated Cooling Exchanger), is the optimal cooling option for any Innova small frame ion laser.. Innova ICE is compatible with any small frame Ion lasers manufactured after 1 January, 1997. This includes the StarC, Innova 70C, 90C, 300C, 90C-FReD and 300C-MotoFReD Ion laser systems.


Innova C-Series Ion lasers require water to cool the laser head and electrical components inside the power supply. The properties of the cooling water are important to the performance and lifetime of the laser. Coherent's Innova ICE makes it easy with direct connections to the power supply and your facility, forming a closed water loop. This allows the quality of the water through the laser system to be carefully controlled which translates to longer life span and improved performance of the ion laser system. Innova ICE also eliminates condensation as a source of system failure, and improves beam pointing and power stability as it regulates the cooling water temperature within +/-1°C.



  • Protects and extends plasma tube life
  • Improves laser performance and stability
  • Powered and controlled by the laser power supply, which eliminates the need for a separate electrical service
  • Isolates laser from fluctuations of water quality, flow, pressure and temperature
  • Self-priming saves time at installation

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


      Innova ICE datasheet                                     Read more on Coherent Inc's website