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Coherent Genesis OPSL CW Laser

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Coherent Genesis OPSL CW Laser

Coherent Genesis OPSL CW Laser

High-power continuous wave (CW) lasers cover the UV, visible and invisible spectrum


CW lasers with industrial reliability, long lifetimes, and unmatched performance choices for lab or OEM use: wavelengths from 355 to 1154 nm and power from 40 mW to 10 W.

Genesis CX provides TEM00 output up to 10 W visible or 250 mW UV, for semiconductor inspection, holography, flow cytometry, and microscopy.

Genesis MX MTM provides low M2 output up to 10 W at wavelengths from 460 to 1154 nm, for medical applications, bio-instrumentation, and imaging.

Genesis MX STM and SLM provide TEM00 output up to 2 W of visible output, for semiconductor inspection, holography, and bio-instrumentation.

The Genesis Taipan Series covers the visible range with multi-watt performance for light show applications.

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