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Coherent OBIS CellX Laser Beam Combiner

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Coherent OBIS CellX Laser Beam Combiner

Coherent OBIS CellX Laser Beam Combiner

Up to 4 lasers with user-adjustable beam steering and focus


OBIS CellX is a multi-wavelength platform for use as the laser excitation "Light Engine" in applications requiring 3 or 4 laser wavelengths from a single module.

OBIS CellX eliminates integration cost and effort for customers needing multiple excitation wavelengths. As an alternative to using individual lasers with combining and steering to deliver the beam where it's needed; CellX does all this for you. With high performance, easy integration, low cost and user-adjustable alignment, CellX is the Universal Light Engine for instrumentation.


  • Three to four wavelengths available to combine 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 637nm
  • Output power available in 50mW and 100mW for each wavelength
  • OBIS performance
  • Common power, control and I/O interfaces
  • Individual, user-adjustable beam steering of each wavelength

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

OBIS CellX datasheet Read more on Coherent's website

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