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Coherent Sapphire FP Fibre-Pigtailed OPSL CW Laser

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Coherent Sapphire FP Fibre-Pigtailed OPSL CW Laser

Coherent Sapphire FP Fibre-Pigtailed OPSL CW Laser

True fibre-pigtailed lasers covering the wavelength range from deep blue to orange


Sapphire FP compact, continuous wave (CW), visible lasers offer a unique combination of low noise and exceptional output stability. This portfolio is available at these wavelengths: 458nm, 488nm, 514nm, 532nm, 552nm, 561nm, 568nm and 594nm at output powers up to 200mW.



  • Wavelength versatility: 458nm to 594nm
  • Powers: up to 300mW
  • Outstanding power stability
  • Low noise
  • Broad ambient temperature range: operational and non-operational
  • PermAlign and fibre-pigtail technology: Permanent optimal alignment offering unsurpassed robust and stable
  • Flexible interface concept: Analog, RS232 and USB

The Sapphire laser platform delivers a high quality, diffraction-limited beam (TEM00, M2 <1.1) with excellent pointing stability - a prerequisite for efficient and stable fibre coupling. Sapphire FP lasers provide solutions to life sciences, metrology and inspection. The wavelength scalability of Sapphire's optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology enables optimum excitation of target fluorophores.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


Sapphire FP datasheet                                                                     Sapphire SF datasheet



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