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Coherent AVIA LX Q-switched DPSS Laser

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Coherent AVIA LX Q-switched DPSS Laser

Coherent AVIA LX Q-switched DPSS Laser

Diode pumped, solid state, Q-switched laser offering 20W @ 355nm


The AVIA LX closes the gap between the MATRIX series and the AVIA NX series of diode-pumped ns UV lasers for material processing. It shares the genes for best performance in highly demanding industrial applications utilising a new robust, small, lightweight and extremely price competitive platform. Accepting no compromise in performance the AVIA LX allows the entrance into all kinds of price-sensitive applications. AVIA NX AND LX share the same electrical and control interface.


  • Repetition rates single-shot to 100s of kHz
  • High beam quality M2 <1.2
  • Indsutry leading compact footprint
  • Simplified user intreface at laser head
  • High reliability between long maintenance cycles

Built on the same design principles that made the Matrix and AVIA series of Q-switched DPSS lasers the most reliable products in the industrial arena, the AVIA LX closes the gap between the low power Matrix and the high power AVIA at a groundbreaking price point. It offers up 20W @ 355nm for demanding industrial applications in rough environments sharing the PureUV active laser cleaning engine with other Coherent UV lasers.


The all-in-one-box design of the AVIA LX makes integration and operation very simple. Only a simple 48V power supply and no bulky controller is needed. The laser head has been designed to be compatible with the AVIA NX and other laser brands to minimise the effort for a integration and retrofit. With a weight of below 13 kg also handling is a non-issue. The AVIA LX shares the same control electronics and commands as the all other AVIA lasers allowing the utilisation of the identical proven and easy-to-use GUI.


The AVIA LX is the low-cost workhorse that you have been looking for. It utilises proven design principles and innovative packaging approaches to deliver the industry-leading AVIA performance and reliability at an unmatched price point.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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