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Coherent AVIA NX Diode Pumped Solid State Q-switched Lasers

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Coherent AVIA NX Diode Pumped Solid State Q-switched Lasers

Coherent AVIA NX Diode Pumped Solid State Q-switched Lasers

4th generation diode-pumped, solid-state, Q-switched lasers are offered at 532nm and 355nm with output powers as high as 65W


AVIA NX is a diode-pumped, solid-state, Q-switched laser offered at 532 nm and 355 nm. The AVIA NX family delivers the highest power on the market, in a small lightweight package. Available at several power levels from 20 W to 85 W, every model has the same footprint and electrical interface.


These fourth generation rugged lasers are built on the same proven technology platform used in earlier AVIA models. With AVIA NX, we took this industry leading workhorse technology and made it even better. These Gen 4 lasers are designed, built and tested to deliver maximum uptime. While the competition still uses legacy air purging to try and keep their optics clean, proprietary innovations in AVIA NX like our PureUV™ active laser cleaning engine mean the laser is truly sealed with an unmatched lifetime.


  • 36W to 85W average power at 532nm
  • 20W to 40W average power at 355nm
  • Repetition rates single-shot to 100s of kHz
  • High beam quality
  • Industry leading compact footprint
  • HALT designed/HASS certified

AVIA NX lasers are also smaller and easier to integrate. The bulky power supply/controller of the past is now completely eliminated; everything has been miniaturized and integrated inside the laser head. Yet the AVIA NX laser head can generate up to 55 W of UV at only ¼ the weight of similarly rated competitive heads, which still also require large external controllers. All the control and interface functions are reduced to a simple SoloBoard™ module that slides out for simple replacement or upgrade.


The end result is lower cost of integration, lower cost of ownership and greater throughput in your process. Whether your tools are singulating PCBs, drilling vias, scribing photovoltaics or micromachining metals, AVIA NX lasers are better than ever and better than the competition.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet 532nm or 355nm.


AVIA NX UV datsheet                                                              Avia NX Green datasheet


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