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Coherent MATRIX DPSS Laser

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Coherent MATRIX DPSS Laser

Coherent MATRIX DPSS Laser

Family of diode-pumped, solid-state, Q-switch lasers available in three wavelengths and powers as high as 10W



MATRIX products are designed for maintenance free 24/7 operation in even harsh environments. Delivering superior performance and one of the longest field lifetime available in the market.


The MATRIX product platform is optimised for cost-sensitive applications requiring high throughput which do not allow compromises on process quality and stability. The lasers are manufactured utilising Coherent's PermAlign technology, a special PCBA assembly process for optical components. This guarantees best optical alignment and stability over the whole lifetime of the product.


June 2023 - The new Matrix UV lasers are available with 5 W and 10 W output power and operate at a pulse repetition rate ranging from 50 kHz to 300 kHz. The lasers can achieve more than 15,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, enabling reliable high-volume production.



  • Superior optical performance
  • Permalign solder-bonded optics technology for permanent optimal alignment and ultra-robustness
  • AAA pump diodes for unmatched lifetime
  • Robot-assisted, cleanroom-built and hermetically sealed
  • Compact, air-cooled design for easy OEM integration (water-cooling optional)
  • Best reliability, lifetime and unit-to-unit consistency
  • Excellent reproducibility and quality
  • Virtually no downtime, maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours

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1 Watt     MATRIX1064-1-LP
2 Watt      
5 Watt MATRIX 355-5    
7 Watt   MATRIX 532-7-30 MATRIX 1064-7-10
10 Watt MATRIX 355-10   MATRIX 1064-10-30

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