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Quantel EverGreen Double Pulse Laser (50-340mJ)

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Quantel EverGreen Double Pulse Laser (50-340mJ)

Quantel EverGreen Double Pulse Laser (50-340mJ)

A state of the art laser for PIV


The EverGreen is a dual pulsed laser for PIV applications in a choice of three energies: 70mJ, 145mJ or 200mJ at 15Hz and 100mJ at 25Hz. The system consists of a single laser head with a single power supply. The EverGreen delivers a perfect combination of precisely overlapped 532nm beams in a rugged, compact package. In addition Quantel also offers a version with 30mJ at 266nm with a repetition rate of 15Hz.


  • 2-year warranty including beam overlap
  • Low energy alignment mode button
  • 100 million shots lamp lifetime guaranteed
  • Grab and go handles
  • Sytem parameters stored in laser head
  • Built to withstand harsh environments
  • Temperature cycled and vibration tested
  • Quick connect umbilicals

The EverGreen 266 offers 2 x 30mJ pulse pairs at 266nm, 15Hz, and provides simple, hands-free switching between 532nm and 266nm. The EverGreen HP is available in several versions with a variety of energy and repetition rates such as 2 x 350mJ at 15Hz, 2 x 100mJ at 100Hz or 2 x 50mJ at 200Hz.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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