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Coherent TOPAS Ultrafast OPA

Coherent TOPAS Ultrafast OPA

Coherent TOPAS Ultrafast OPA

Computer-controller OPA used to extend the tuning range of amplifiers


The TOPAS is a computer-controlled optical parametric amplifier (OPA) used to extend the tuning range of the Legend Elite, Legend Elite Cryo PA, Hidra and Libra amplifiers.

TOPAS-Prime is the newest generation of computer-controlled optical parametric amplifiers (OPA) providing the ability to extend the tuning ranges of the Astrella, Legend Elite HE+ and Libra ultrafast amplifier families. All of the best features from the TOPAS-800-fs are retained in the TOPAS-Prime including white light seeding for lowest output noise performance. In addition, TOPAS-Prime employs a monolithic housing for improved mechanical stability. TOPAS-Prime uses a modular design and wavelength extension packages to achieve a tuning range of 190nm to 20μm.


  • Monolithic housing for mechanical stability
  • Computer-controlled tunable output
  • Energy conversion >30% to 35% to parametric light
  • Low output noise due to whitelight seeding
  • Optional fresh pump channel for improved sum frequency performance
  • Modular option for extended tuning from 190nm to 20μm tuning range, standard tuning is from 1150nm to 2600nm
  • Configurations to accommodate pulse widths from all Coherent kHz femtosecond amplifiers (<130fs, <50fs, <40fs, <35fs and <25fs)
  • Multiple OPA's can be pumped with one Ti:S amplifier
  • High pump-energy models available (up to 20mJ)

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